A mobile solution for Students, Parents & Teachers!

TLC has partnered with Solus to provide a world-leading mobile library app to customers using the CARLSolution, LibrarySolution or LibrarySolution for Schools integrated library systems in the public, K-12, and academic library markets. 

TLC is pleased to offer TLC•Go! – an elegant, feature-rich mobile app that allows students, parents, and teachers to gain access to Library & Media resources such as print and eResources, and much more.

TLC•Go! is geared for middle to high schools, with an efficient and cost-effective model available for districts. A single app for the district provides an optional ability to deploy a school-based template for unique, local school branding experience.


  • Students and teachers use their own smartphones
  • Fast downloads from Google Play and the App store
  • Automatic updates with new releases
  • Automatically retains previous log in (unless manually logged out)
  • My Preferences can switch language (24 supported), flow vs. scroll view, customize menu order, and more
  • Access to eBooks and other digital resources
  • Digital Student/Library card (can be scanned for check-outs with optical barcode scanner)
  • Ability for students and teachers to use their own phones for self check-out (via barcode or RFID)


Use the included Content Management System (CMS) to illuminate other happenings within the District – or the individual school via templates. This can include simple links to existing web-content within the District, within the County, Municipality, etc., video content, PDFs, and more. Here’s some ideas:

  • Daily Bulletin and/or morning announcements
  • Transportation update (bus schedule, changes due to weather, etc.)
  • Link to cafeteria hours, menus, specials, etc.
  • Link to health office, counseling, wellness, and other resources (chat sessions, etc.)
  • Departments & Services
  • School Calendar
  • Showcase events (sports, art, drama, math, etc.)
  • Link to surveys – for students and/or parents
  • Your imagination!

TLC•Go! Mobile App Options:

  • Templates for school districts
  • Barcode or RFID patron self-service check-out/in