TLC•Cloud Services

TLC has teamed up with Oracle to redefine your experience with hosting library services: introducing TLC•Cloud Services, an improved hosting platform.

TLC•Cloud Services utilizes Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to provide our customers with unmatched control, security, and predictability to deliver high-performance, Cloud-based infrastructure services. 

OCI is a deep and broad platform of cloud services that enables TLC to design and build our applications in a scalable, secure, highly available, fault-tolerant, and high-performance environment. 

Our current products offering TLC•Cloud Services include CARLSolution™, LibrarySolution®️, and LibrarySolution®️ for Schools. TLC offers ILS hosting in multiple regions of North America and globally, providing support for regions and countries who prefer or require local data residency.

When you choose to host your ILS with TLC•Cloud Services, you’re choosing:

Powered by the highly trusted Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Managed by the data and library experts at TLC.

Fast, Enterprise Performance

Combining the elasticity and utility of commercial cloud with the granular control, security, and predictability of on-premise infrastructure, TLC customers can expect high-performance and low latency when using TLC•Cloud Services

With its industry-leading solid-state storage, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tests better than leading competitors on workload, speed, and performance — accomplishing millions of read and write transactions per second. This next-generation cloud network connects to cloud components with no resource oversubscription, ensuring performance is never compromised.

The Latest Hardware

TLC•Cloud Services provides the newest hardware with annual next-generation upgrades, giving your library the fastest performance. By using TLC•Cloud Services, our customers can expect the latest CPUs, GPUs, off-box networking, and NVMe SSD based storage services. 

Oracle’s highly scalable, flat network design limits the number of network hops between compute and storage to a maximum of two. Combined with no-network or CPU oversubscription, and locally attached NVMe storage, you get a low-latency network with predictable performance and fast cloud storage.

And with TLC managing the firewall and day-to-day server responsibilities, as well as secure daily backups, this eliminates the constant server repairs, upgrades, purchases, and minimizes threats to cybersecurity.

Oracle Cloud versus the Next Leading Competitor

Consistent, Reliable Uptime

A major design point of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is its ability to deliver high-level consistency and higher-level performance than competitors. Oracle delivers topnotch design to customers who run performance-sensitive systems and require performance consistency. 

Because TLC’s Cloud Services strive to provide the target service uptime of 99.95% by building on the high availability and redundancy capabilities of the Oracle Cloud Platform, Oracle Database Backup Service, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic, our clients can be sure they’re receiving the utmost reliability in the industry.

This is one of the many reasons TLC utilizes the same Oracle Cloud-based infrastructure for its own internal development environments. TLC has relied on Oracle’s RDBMS capabilities and leadership to power its library management and data services products. OCI is the premier platform for managing the Oracle Database, and a logical choice for continuing to power Oracle-based products into the future, which results in an optimized solution for our customers and company.

Outstanding Network and Data Security

In partnership with OCI, TLC•Cloud Services provide our customers data-at-rest encryption capability, complementing existing physical data center and application security capabilities. These security defenses include ample encryption, strong access management, and granular resource and network control.

TLC•Cloud Services also provides integrated security services to protect data and control access using security-first design principles. These principles, as employed by OCI, include isolated network virtualization and pristine physical host deployment, which provide superior customer isolation compared to earlier public cloud designs and reduced risk from advanced persistent threats. This means that not only are our customers isolated from one another, but they are also isolated from Oracle and vice versa.

The combination of architecture, technology, and process provides a more secure environment than most on-premises facilities, as well as other public clouds.

Around-the-Clock Disaster Recovery

TLC’s Cloud Services includes premium options for geographic service and backup redundancy, to increase customer resilience in the event of a localized disaster. OCI enables TLC to store data, redundantly, across multiple storage servers and multiple availability domains. TLC•Cloud Services assumes the responsibility of ensuring and addressing potential issues with data integrity and backup viability.

Powered by the highly trusted Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Managed by the data and library experts at TLC.