Thank you for hosting me, Charles Town Library (WV), Chesterfield County Public Schools (VA), Somerset County Library System (NJ), Sanibel Public Library (FL), Pine Bluff Library System (AR), San Marcos Public Library (TX), Los Angeles Public Library (CA)!

Where should I go next? Send pics of me at your library to the TLC team at Or write a 50-100 word testimonial to share how using TLC software has made an impact on your library community, and I’ll send myself to your library!

Note From the Editor: As Scout comes off of vacation and heads back to school, we are also thinking about new beginnings. Specifically the future of the Scout’s Corner newsletter. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey.

The TLC system has brought our ILS up to modern times. We are so grateful for all the help in getting this system working and continued support as we move forward. The transition to our new library location was so easy in part because of TLC software and support. Thank you!”

– Jana Mitchell, Pine Bluff Library System

LAPL uses the CARLX APIs to easily pull items from the collection into our Drupal web environment. This greatly simplifies the creation of Book Lists, Reviews and other collection-specific content for our reading programs and web site. It also makes it easy to create RSS feeds of a wide variety of new books by genre or format.

– Matthew Mattson, Los Angeles Public Library

I just want to say how lovely it is to see children using “Scout” to find things in the catalog. The clear prompts and pictures lead them to discover things that they did not even know they wanted. How exciting it is when they find, on their own, a treasure! The novelty of the discovery never grows old, either!

– Suzanne Sanders, San Marcos Public Library

This year, more than ever, TLC was extremely useful for our students at Ettrick Library. We had a combination of in person and virtual students due to COVID-19. Our in person students were able to access our library catalog easily and place books on hold. This enabled the students to check out and read exactly what they wanted to. Our virtual kids were also able to put books on hold and come to our weekly curbside checkout time. This helped them to get what they needed as well as they could not come into the physical library because they were virtual students.

– Elizabeth Kyser, Chesterfield County Public Schools