Scout’s Corner April-May 2016



  • Cupcake Diaries Alexis Cupcake Crush releases May 3.
  • Curious GeorgeKeep Curious and Carry a Banana is out April 5.
  • DC Super HeroesSuper Heroes Need Friends Too releases May 24.
  • Fancy NancyIt’s a Backward Day is out April 19, along with The Worst Secret Keeper Ever.
  • Geronimo StiltonSpecial Edition: The Hunt for the Secret Papyrus just released March 29.
  • Hank the Cowdog – In case you missed it, Wagons West was released March 28.
  • Heidi HeckelbeckHeidi Heckelbeck Makes A Wish: Super Special! is out May 17.
  • Horrible HarryHorrible Harry and the Birthday Girl releases May 10.
  • Never GirlsNever Girls #12: In the Game is out April 26.
  • Pete the Cat Pete the Cat: Go, Pete, Go! is out May 17.
  • PinkaliciousPinkalicious and Aqua, the Mini-Mermaid releases May 3.
  • Puppy Place Nala (The Puppy Place #41) is out April 26.
  • Rainbow Magic FairiesSkyler the Fireworks Fairy releases May 10.
  • Spirit AnimalsThe Return: Fall of the Beasts Book 3 releases April 26.
  • Thea StiltonThea Stilton and the Hollywood Hoax is out May 31.
  • Whatever After Genie in a Bottle (Whatever After #9) releases April 26.


My Weird School
A new series starts in June, My Weird School Fast Facts, Geography and Sports. This series, My Weird School, has really grown over time and taken on many different titles since the first book, Ms. Daisy is Crazy. Have you read any of them? My Weird School has 21 titles, My Weird School Daze has 12 titles, and My Weirder School contains 12 titles. My Weird School Special, like Valentine, We’ve Lost our Minds, has six titles, and My Weirdest School has nine titles with several new ones coming out this year. Check out which ones are in your library and see if you can read them all.





Earth Day is April 22nd. This celebration has been going on since 1970. Countdown starts now for the 50th anniversary coming up in 2020. Each of us needs to do our part to save the earth. One way you can help out is to plant a tree. The hope is, if everyone does their part, there will be 7.8 billion trees planted by 2020. That’s a lot of trees! Is your library doing anything for Earth Day?




ClementineBook Collage copy


For all of you Clementine fans, Sara Pennypacker, the author, has ended the series. But wait! She has started a new series, Waylon, and her first book, Waylon! One Awesome Thing, is due to hit the shelves on April 5th. You have already met Waylon through the Clementine books, the sciency boy in the fourth grade. It sounds like a really funny series about friendship and super powers. Check it out at your library.




I love to watch things grow, don’t you? I started gathering my seeds for the garden I want to plant next to my doghouse. I think I am going to grow tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, pumpkins, radishes, and maybe corn. Have you ever planted a garden?

Some libraries have seed exchanges. You check out a seed packet just like you check out a book. You grow the seeds and, at the end of the growing season, harvest the best from your crop and bring those seeds back to the library. Then next year someone will get your seeds to plant. It has been estimated there are 300 seed libraries across the USA.