Phillip Green

Phillip Green
Sales Consultant / Sales Engineer
Phone: 800.325.7759

Phillip Joined TLC in November 2006, as a member of the support department. Phillip spent 5 years in support, as well as being a fill-in trainer when needed. In 2009, Phillip began to assist the sales and marketing teams by attending national conferences, on behalf of the client services department. His interest in the sales side of the business, including getting to interact with customers, was piqued during this time. Phillip joined the sales team, full-time, in June 2012 as an Automation Consultant. Phillip recently transitioned to the role of Sales Engineer/Consultant, where he is responsible for the demonstration and trial environments, RFP review and conducting product demonstrations.

Home Library: Washington County Public Library, MD

Favorites/Recommended reads: The Wizard of Oz, Riding RocketsA Brief History of Time, A Random Walk Down Wall St.The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The MartianThe Day After Roswell, Basic Economics

Reading Now: The Physics of Baseball

Upcoming Shows: ALA Mid-winter | Denver, Colorado  February 9-13, 2018