LS2 Staff is the Web-based circulation tool for TLC’s LibrarySolution ILS. LS2 Staff works well on tablets, laptops, and desktops. When paired with a Bluetooth scanner, it gives you the freedom to perform a full range of circulation tasks from the circulation desk, on the library floor, or even in your bookmobile.


LS2 Staff is a full-featured circulation module with Floating Collection functionality and simplified self-checkout services. Additionally, the Lists & Actions feature of LS2 Staff offers advanced searching and ad-hoc reporting capabilities:

  • Create, customize, and save lists and searches using comprehensive filters correlating to the MARC record fields in your library’s database
  • Browse through lists and searches shared by other users
  • Export lists and saved searches to a spreadsheet
  • Add data to an existing list, or use it to create new lists
  • Reading Level Integration pulls data directly from Lexile and Accelerated Reader vendors and associates by ISBN for searching and display