Jib Jab stars 
Annette H Murphy, CEO/President
John Burns, Chief Operating Officer
Justin Duewel-Zahniser, Chief Technology Officer
Don West,
Director of Sales and Denver Operations

Twas the night before Christmas…

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through TLC,
Not a creature was stirring because of quarantine.
The teams were remote, working from home
Still building software, still using Chrome.

Mrs. Murphy summoned her Exec Team to recap the year,
And John, DZ, and Don via Google Meet did appear.
“In spite of COVID,” John did begin,
“There were plenty of successes, plenty of wins.”

TLC•Cloud Services launched, live with CARL and LS,
And it has been a giant success.”
Don jumped in, speaking to the potential for growth,
“More customers are switching to the Cloud: LS and CARL both.”

Mrs. Murphy nodded, listening intently,
And exchanged words that were quite complimentary.
“This is exciting work the team has achieved.
How about the software, what developments were conceived?”

“I’ll speak to this,” stated DZ.
“Development and Product created much, as you will see.
Shelf management in LS improved dramatically
And now customers can work directly with RFID.

“LS2 PAC is more data-rich with Syndetics Unbound,
And new borrower notifications are to be found.
CARLConnect also made numerous updates,
Driven by customer feedback. They really are teammates.

“CARLConnect Discovery aligned the desktop and mobile versions.
To the holds work done in CARLConnect Staff, there will be no aversions.”
Mrs. Murphy smiled and moved the meeting along
Because, much like this poem, it was becoming prolonged.

“These are all great accomplishments,” stated Mrs. M.
“And I can assume that 2021 will be an even bigger gem?”
The rest of the team smiled with joy,
And took a tone that was rather coy.

“We don’t want to give too much away and ruin the surprise,
But we’ll say for sure that Data Services is on the rise,
Cloud Services will continue to expand,
And some great updates to the software will land.

“LS customers know of changes for how Serials will be managed,
And CARLConnect Staff will address items that are damaged.”
(There are more updates coming, don’t you worry,
But the rest are still secrets, and proprietary).

“Thank you all for the work that’s been done.
It’s been a tough year, without much fun.
Our customers were faced with an incredible challenge
And juggled a commitment to health and service with amazing balance.”

Mrs. Murphy continued to dote on the libraries,
Who in the middle of crisis were their communities’ luminaries.
And they deserved all the praise they received,
Because they too, in spite of COVID, truly achieved.

“Let’s wrap this up,” said Mrs. M.
You have friends and family, and (though virtual) you should see them.
But before the meeting ended and all fell out of sight,
John exclaimed, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!”

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings from our team to yours.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and here’s to an amazing 2021!