TLC’s CARL automation system is made better through its years of significant use by some of the largest public libraries in the world. TLC has achieved and maintained a reputation for beautiful software – software that looks fantastic, software that anticipates public library scenarios, and software that delivers a richer library experience, for 40 years. Experience has taught TLC to adapt to technology trends inside and outside the library industry, and that is showcased through CARL.

Libraries using CARL include Chicago Public Library in Illinois, Broward Public Library in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Los Angeles Public Library in California, and the Monroe County Library System Consortium in New York.

The Heart of the System

Designed and developed in partnership with some of the largest libraries in the United States and beyond, CARLX uses established, thoughtfully created design and development principles. It showcases libraries’ individual strengths, while freeing staff from routine functions. This UNIX and SQL/Oracle-based, solution uses Web and MS Windows client software to offer an array of services and features.


CARLX serves the needs of the largest libraries, but is scalable to handle the demands of consortia of any size, while preserving each library’s autonomy. These benefits are available whether you choose a SaaS hosted solution, or prefer to maintain equipment on-site.

Open System Integration

CARLX is a true open system. In fact, TLC collaborates with countless other leading technologies and library partners to create the ideal user experience. The robust database structure andCARLX web service APIs offer a proven foundation to help your library deliver an unparalleled and ground-breaking experience to your community.


Leading-Edge, Flexible Modules

CARLX provides public libraries with a significant suite of unique, dynamic and configurable features including:

  • Real-time processing of activities logged
  • Automated bibliographic and item level suppression
  • Global update options with the staff client
  • Highly configurable library workflow and patron services such as claims returned, floating collections, outreach, and sophisticated email, phone and text notice features
  • Seamless interactions with third-party vendors through a wide range of technology protocols including SIP2
  • Availability of demonstrated web API’s that expand options to integrate, extend, analyze, modify, and open data to meet the needs of today’s modern library
  • Open and direct access to the powerful Oracle data base for Ad-hoc Reporting, in addition to a full suite of flexible canned reports covering all functional areas


Beautiful and Powerful OPAC Software

LS2 PAC constitutes the core of CARL’s configurable, multilingual OPAC environment. LS2 PAC uses a Lucene search engine to offer powerful search capabilities with easily accessed interfaces for diverse communities, and it can present any language, including those with non-Roman characters. It also provides outstanding integration and presentation of multimedia/multiformat metadata, including e-book, photo, audio, and video collections. Our open access to CARL’s APIs and modular approach to OPAC functionality maximize your ability to customize your interface and build a portal that blends with your Web site.

Patrons may pay fines and fees using a credit card, create personal profiles, save favorite searches, register for RSS feeds, and receive program event alerts via e-mail. Patrons may create personal lists to save titles to their “bookshelf” to place holds or keep items in a Netflix-like queue.

CARL Automation System

Included with every CARL system

Connecting libraries with their users, communities, and collections
TLC’s newest product line, featuring mobile, web-based staff clients empowering connection through desk-free interactions.

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Following the social-local-mobile (SoLoMo) movement, CARLConnect Discovery offers mobile services that go beyond search and access and provides users with personalization and self-service access that meets the needs of a growing “always on, always in touch” population.

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LS2 PAC is an elegantly designed, flexible, multi-application platform that merges library automation with the user-friendly, responsive platform for any screen or device.

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LS2 Kids is the children’s version of TLC’s successful LS2 PAC – the same technology with new features oriented to younger library users. It’s powerful software with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that helps children find exactly what they’re looking for within a library’s collection.

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For an additional fee, you may also want to consider:

Online Selection & Acquisitions (OSA) is a comprehensive, standalone solution that supports all aspects of collection development, acquisitions, fund management, and order management.

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Simplify your library’s fine-collection process with TLC’s ECommerce enhancement for the LibrarySolution and CARLX integrated library systems.

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