Latest CARL•Solution Release Advances Search & Discovery

Latest CARL•Solution Release Advances Search & Discovery

The Library Corporation (TLC) is delighted to announce the latest release of the CARLSolution integrated library system. Among the variety of new features and customer-driven development made in this recent release is a distinct crowd favorite: enhanced searching infrastructure of the online catalog for more relevant results of titles containing special characters, alphanumerics, and compound punctuation — both in the traditional display and in the Grouped Title (FRBR) display.

An online catalog is often the first point of access into the library for patrons; therefore, its importance is obvious as library borrowers will be able to discover titles of interest and obtain a specific set of results that are most relevant to their needs. CARLConnect Discovery — the native CARLSolution discovery layer — provides a seamless and well-tuned experience for library users.

Search results now cross-reference additional sub-fields in the record to achieve more relevantly tailored results. A searcher interested in the discography of the Australian rock band AC/DC will have no trouble finding the library’s collection when searching with the slash. Similarly, the Stephen King novel about the time traveler who attempts to prevent a historic assassination will be searchable as 11.22.63 or 11/22/63 or even 112263. Keywords such as O’Keefe can be easily found by searching with or without the apostrophe.

CARLSolution customer Celia Morse, Automation Services Consultant with The Library Network, shared positively on the modern catalog for their community: “We made our decision to migrate to CARL because of the public interface and we haven’t regretted it.”

This latest release includes improved navigation in the catalog with the addition of jump-to-page numbers on search results and the ability to increase the number of results per page. Library staff will also appreciate improved navigation in CARLConnect Staff with more keyboard shortcuts and new dashboard displays.

Full item information stored in 949 tags is now discoverable in Z39.50 searches. This will enhance the search and display of library holdings for interlibrary loan use and other third-party vendors and libraries who search CARLSolution customer databases via Z39.50 protocols.

In-house discoverability received a nod in the latest update with the new limiting option for floating collections. Libraries can set items to float to other branches automatically upon return by setting limits on Location codes. Previously, libraries could set float limits against Media codes only.

Other new features in this release pave a path for future development with a continued focus to bring more functionality into the web-based interfaces. Development included new web-based Acquisitions functionality and advanced reporting through the early adopter release of IBM Cognos web-based reporting.

Jessica Seybold, a CARLSolution Product Owner, stated, “Our development is not just taking functionality from CARLX and placing it in CARLConnect. Instead, it’s being completely reevaluated to provide the ideal workflow and functionality that our customers want.”

The latest release of CARLSolution includes CARLX v9.7.1, CARLConnect Staff v1.6.7, CARLConnect Discovery v3.6.5, and CARLSolution APIs v2.0.1.

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