The Librarian’s Guide to Cloud Hosting

The Librarian’s Guide to Cloud Hosting

What is TLC•Cloud Services?
TLC has teamed up with Oracle to redefine your experience with hosting library services: introducing TLC•Cloud Services, an improved hosting platform.

TLC•Cloud Services are powered by the highly trusted Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and managed by data and library experts at TLC, to ensure that your library servers have high performance with the latest, next-gen hardware and your network and data remain secure.

Comparing an On-Premise Solution to TLC•Cloud Services
Some libraries choose to utilize an on-premise solution for their library network and data needs, and TLC continues to support that model as we always have.

For libraries looking to move to a hosted solution, TLC•Cloud Services provide the newest hardware with annual next-generation upgrades, giving your library the fastest performance. By using TLC•Cloud Services, our customers can expect the latest CPUs, GPUs, off-box networking, and NVMe SSD based storage services.

With TLC managing the firewall and day-to-day server responsibilities, as well as secure daily backups, the need for constant server repairs, upgrades, and purchases is eliminated, and threats to cybersecurity are minimized.

This is what they do. That’s their business. As good as any library is in its IT department, they’re not going to compete with a professional hosting service.”Matthew Mattson, Los Angeles Public Library

“Just do it. Don’t wait. I think it will be amazing how much kind of hidden time you spend on server related stuff that you don’t realize you’re spending that time on until all of a sudden it goes away.”Lynn Hoffman, Somerset County

Comparing TLC’s non-Cloud hosting model to TLC•Cloud Services
TLC has been a leader in data hosting services for over 20 years, and our hosted customers know and expect the outstanding and high level of service that we provide. By partnering with Oracle, TLC is able to expand on its already exceptional service offerings to provide an unmatched and highly efficient cloud hosting environment.

Employing an OCI environment for our TLC•Cloud Services results in an optimized solution for our customers and company, allowing TLC to focus on projects and innovation which make a positive impact for our customers.

TLC utilizes the same Oracle Cloud-based infrastructure for its own internal development environments, relying on Oracle’s RDBMS capabilities and leadership to power its library management and data services products since 1995. OCI is the premier platform for managing the Oracle Database, and a logical choice for continuing to power Oracle-based products into the future.

“The entire concept of having a hosted ILS makes me very happy. I do not enjoy being in the business of the care and feeding of servers.” Lynn Hoffman, Somerset County

“We’re about to embark on a project to move our servers to an OCI environment and we’ve been able to go into that with confidence because of previous TLC projects on that kind of scale.” Kathleen Lockett, Wellington City Libraries

For Libraries Ready to Migrate
TLC is very excited about the opportunities that OCI will bring to our customers. For additional information or to begin planning your migration to the new TLC•Cloud Services, please contact your Project Manager, or reach out today to speak with a representative. We are in the process of migrating customers now, and look forward to chatting with you further about what TLC•Cloud Services can mean for you.

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