TLC’s New Customer Success Manager

TLC’s New Customer Success Manager

The Library Corporation is pleased to announce the creation of a Customer Success Manager (CSM) position within the organization.  Based out of TLC’s Headquarters, this position is a unique role that will provide a holistic approach to our LibrarySolution customers having direct channels spanning Sales, Administration, Operations, and Support.

Melissa Powell has been named TLC’s Customer Success Manager.  Melissa has been working in libraries since 1980, and in her career spanning four decades she has been a TLC customer, an independent consultant with a specialty in assisting customers with implementations, customer service, and cataloging, and since 2017 a sales consultant with TLC.  Her background and experience will be a great asset in the role as she not only will assist customers externally from the organization, but also will advocate and assist with priority development internally in the organization.

“TLC has always had the priority of providing an outstanding level of service to our customers,” stated Founder and CEO Annette Murphy.  “The creation of this role is yet another step in ensuring TLC can ensure our customers have the excellent service they expect from us.”





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