SSL/TLS Certificate Renewal

SSL/TLS Certificate Renewal

The use of web certificates to offer websites in HTTPS, such as LibrarySolution web applications, is becoming the “norm” due to the increased security it provides for the data being passed over the Internet. While many have been through the initial process of purchasing a certificate, and have worked with TLC support to move their web-based applications to HTTPS, there is a maintenance process that is often overlooked or may cause confusion.

Most SSL/TLS web certificates have a lifespan of a year to two years at which point they must be renewed to remain valid.  An expired certificate will result in the end-user receiving an error or warning in their browser when visiting the site. Some browsers may even prevent access to the site.  Ideally, you should renew your certificate prior to the expiration date to prevent a lapse in validity. The first step is to contact the Certificate Authority (CA) with whom you purchased your original certificate, such as GoDaddy, DigiCert, or other well established CAs and follow their guidelines for renewal.  Once you have a renewed certificate, what are your next steps?

Below is an overview of the steps required to renew your SSL/TLS web certificates:

  • Speak with your CA to purchase the certificate renewal.
  • Take the certificates and files provided by your CA and place them on the web server.
  • Contact TLC via a ticket or by calling 1-800-852-4911 and a technician can assist with making the configuration changes to utilize the updated certificate.

This process is relatively simple and will allow your web modules to run in HTTPS. The purchase date of the certificate and all consecutive renewals should be tracked so that you can conduct the renewal process early to avoid any disruption with accessing your modules. Remember, TLC Support technicians are always available to answer any additional questions regarding the certificate creation and renewal process.

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