TLC Releases Updates Across CARL Platform

TLC Releases Updates Across CARL Platform

The Library Corporation has announced the availability of their latest round of development for the CARL product line with the release of CARLX v9.4.2, CARLConnect v1.4 and CARLConnect Discovery v3.2.5.

A large focus of CARLX v9.4.2 was completed to aid libraries as they embark on federal ConnectED initiatives in their local communities. To that end, TLC has enhanced the Patron Loader features of CARLX to support public and school library partnerships as they strive to improve library card access. Providing new file management options, additional parameters and improved logic for patron loading ensures ease of use so libraries can achieve these service level goals.

The theme of supporting library efforts to better engage with their communities carries over to v1.4 of theCARLConnect web-based Staff Clients. Development was completed to expand the use of CARLConnect Circulation for day-to-day circulation activities, as well as provide a deeper engagement between staff and library users when discussing fees owed, reviewing past checkouts, etc. Improvements were also made to the interface to enhance the staff user experience.

CARLConnect Discovery, formerly LS2 PAC for CARL, has made strides towards a number of TLC’s strategic initiatives with v3.2.5. CARLConnect Discovery, a true discovery service, is designed with intuitive search, self-services and desired mobile experiences in mind. In v3.2.5, development has been completed to expose library catalog data to the World Wide Web. The ability to discover library resources outside of the catalog can take place without any data changes to the library’s system. That said, as linked data and other updates are completed, additional benefits to end users will be a natural extension of these changes. TLC is continuing this development toward optimizing rankings of library records in Google and other popular search engines. Additionally, Reading Recommendations are available in v3.2.5 offering a more personalized experience, while still maintaining patron privacy. With this new functionality, up to five recommended tiles are generated based on a patron’s Loans, Holds and Loan History, if that patron has opted to retain it.

Tying it all together is the initial phase of SMART Pages development. TLC’s SMART Pages provide interactions between the CARLConnect staff module and the CARLConnect Discovery online public access catalog. A sleek, responsive interface recognizes staff and bridges them seamlessly from CARLConnect Circulation to the My Account features of CARLConnect Discovery. This allows staff to support their patrons with options for fine payment and patron list management, all within a single interaction.

To learn more about any of the exciting new features and product improvements now available with CARLX v9.4.2, CARLConnect v1.4 and CARLConnect Discovery v3.2.5 contact



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