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TLC Announces CARL•Connect Reports Concierge

TLC announces CARLConnect Reports Concierge

This week at their annual users’ conference in Charleston, South Carolina, TLC announced the latest phase of their CARLConnect development with the introduction of CARLConnect Reports, which will be released in 2016.

Key to this functionality is the groundbreaking CARLConnect Reports Concierge that boasts a Live Chat feature where library staff at a Director level can seek information at the time of their reporting needs, using an online chat interface that exists within the CARLConnect Reports environment. The CARLConnect Reports Concierge transforms the way that metrics driven libraries gather and analyze data. Not only will these customers be receiving timely assistance directly from TLC’s very own subject matter experts, their requests can be submitted using natural language, removing the dependency on data mapping expertise. Library Directors will no longer be burdened by last minute calls for statistics that cannot be met, or out of the box reports that do not allow for unique customizations, when their ILS Administrator is unavailable. Simply sharing your data needs in a Live Chat conversation is all that it takes to meet your reporting goals. Customers can place Live Chat requests during standard business hours, but even if requests are submitted while the experts are offline, libraries can depend on hearing from TLC within 24 hours.

The CARLConnect Reports Concierge delivers the requested report via email within two business days, but doesn’t stop there.  Data can be presented in a visually appealing, easy to read output, such as a pie chart, that can be shared directly with stakeholders.

The Reports Concierge sets the stage for the continued growth of CARLConnect Reports, and builds on TLC’s tradition of high touch customer service. Library requests will be analyzed and development will continue based on what TLC’s library partners require to satisfy their reporting needs moving forward.

Interested in learning how the CARLConnect Reports Concierge can take the guesswork out of your reporting needs and customizations? Contact TLC today for more information!



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