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CARL•Solution API Version 1.7.8 Released

CARL•Solution API version 1.7.8 released

The Library Corporation (TLC) has announced the availability of their latest round of API development, v1.7.8. This version of web service APIs continues to build upon TLC’s full-featured API offerings as part of the core CARL product line.

With this release, TLC continues their trend of sharing reliable APIs with CARLSolution libraries so that they can extend their own additional services to their customers. TLC also invests in its API development by actively using them within the CARL product line. CARLSolution API v1.7.8 improves upon Administrative Services, Patron Services, Cataloging and Circulation. The CARL customer base is currently enjoying improved global editing functionality within the CARLSolution ILS and enhancements to CARLConnect Circulation to include Account Merge functionality and the ability to quickly register or search for a patron’s account by scanning the 2D barcode on their driver’s license.

TLC’s unique business model of providing CARLSolution APIs to CARL libraries and their development partners, without additional costs, is still in place with v1.7.8, and TLC strongly supports an ‘open data’ model, allowing libraries to take better advantage of the unique aspects of CARL to better serve their communities.



Justin Larsen Larsen