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Los Angeles Public Library implements SocialFlow

Los Angeles Public Library implements SocialFlow

The Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) is the first CARL customer to implement SocialFlow, the leading social media publishing platform used for the distribution and optimization of content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Earlier this year, The Library Corporation (TLC) joined forces with SocialFlow to become its exclusive provider to libraries. SocialFlow can optimize the social media presence of any library regardless of its automation system, and TLC is the only library vendor to offer such a service.

Serving a geographic population of close to 4 million people who have access to 73 branches, LAPL is able to expand that large reach even further with their active social media presence. Incorporating SocialFlow to optimize what they publish and when to their social media outlets will garner greater and more efficient social media campaigns, and help to generate their exposure worldwide. Additionally, the library system will be able to easily track the results of their efforts through SocialFlow’s extensive reporting features, and make informed decisions on their social media strategies.

Are you ready for your library system to benefit from increased user engagement and targeted exposure in the ever-expanding social media world? Learn more at or reach out to TLC at or call 1.800.325.7759 to schedule a demo today.



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