TLC’s enhanced Reading Level Integration elicits praise

TLC’s enhanced Reading Level Integration elicits praise

The Library Corporation’s LibrarySolution™ and LibrarySolution™ for Schools automation systems feature Reading Level Integration enhancements that are garnering accolades from media specialists and students.

TLC’s improved Reading Level Integration is a powerful service that pulls data directly from Lexile® and Accelerated Reader™ vendors and associates by ISBN for display in LS2 Staff, LS2 PAC, and LS2 Kids – modules included with every LibrarySolution and LibrarySolution for Schools ILS. This means school and public library catalogs automatically include the most current reading level data while reducing the time it takes to catalog that information. TLC’s Reading Level Integration also has robust searching capabilities so users can search by an individual reading level or a specified range and see the information directly in their search results.

Patty Windsor, system administrator for Denton Independent School District’s libraries in Texas, said TLC’s Reading Level Integration enhancements have been well received. One of Denton ISD’s teacher-librarians recently demonstrated the service to her students and reported to Windsor that “they were very excited about the Reading Level button. When I showed them they could get an automatic range, they were even more excited. I heard one student say, ‘Man, you mean we don’t have to dig as hard, Mrs. Thomas?’ I had to laugh at that one.”

Additional positive responses have come from Deborah Cooke, library system administrator for Chesterfield County Public Schools in Virginia. “I’ve received a few e-mails so far saying, ‘Thanks for getting this,’ ‘Wow!’ and ‘This is cool!’”

TLC’s enhanced Reading Level Integration service is available at no extra charge to any LibrarySolution or LibrarySolution for Schools customer. To learn more, e-mail or call 1.800.325.7759.


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