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TLC providing SocialFlow service to libraries

TLC providing SocialFlow service to libraries

The Library Corporation has joined forces with SocialFlow to become its exclusive provider to libraries. SocialFlow is the leading social network distribution and optimization platform in the United States, providing a service that analyzes a customer’s real-time conversational data within their social streams and automatically delivers relevant social media content to the right audience at the right time for maximum engagement. SocialFlow can optimize the social media presence of any library regardless of its automation system, and TLC is the only library vendor to offer such a service.

Since 2010, SocialFlow has been optimizing the way many high-profile companies and brands such as NBC, New York Times, BBC News, NPR and Yahoo distribute content across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn. Library systems are beginning to experience the advantages of increased user engagement through social media content. The New York Public Library enlisted SocialFlow to build interest and traffic to their blogs via Twitter, and the impact of SocialFlow’s real-time optimization technology has been unmistakable. The Dallas Independent School District will be implementing SocialFlow as part of its newly renewed service contract with TLC, and is eager to optimize the performance of their social media outlets.


Are you ready for your library system to benefit from increased user engagement and targeted exposure in the ever-expanding social media world?

The Library Corporation, a GSA-certified company, has operated continuously under the same ownership since its creation in 1974. TLC’s automation and cataloging solutions are utilized by more than 4,500 libraries worldwide including Chicago Public Schools; Los Angeles Public Library; Ealing, Hammersmith, and West London College in the United Kingdom; Wellington City Libraries in New Zealand; the Ministry of Education in Singapore; and the American Embassy of Ethiopia and Madagascar. To learn more, visit or call 1.800.325.7759.


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